Michael Busch, RPh has started a number of new businesses. The most successful business venture was Medicine Shoppe International, Inc., an international franchisor of over 1,000 retail pharmacies (visit In 1995, Medicine Shoppe, already a public company, was sold to Cardinal Health (, the 19th largest company in the United States. This transaction was valued at approximately $360 million.

Michael also founded Wharton Capital, a consulting firm specializing in raising capital for small and medium size entrepreneurial ventures. Wharton’s client base was comprised of start-up to early stage businesses. Wharton also developed a turnaround practice, servicing troubled companies.

The successor to Wharton Capital was CHSI Corporation (Community Health Services, Inc.) CHSI was transformed into a technology start-up company that developed a proprietary desktop and software to monitor third party reimbursements.  The technology was marketed under the ProfitLeader and PharmacyAide labels.  This leading edge technology allowed pharmacies of all sizes to maximize profitability through increased efficiency from their prescription departments. CHSI was also sold to Cardinal Health in 2005.

In addition, Michael served as President of a subsidiary of a publicly held tire company, General Manager of all non-food divisions for a grocery conglomerate, President and COO of a franchise furniture company and Vice President – Business Development for a wholesale drug company. He has lectured at a number of universities and colleges on how to start a new business and on franchising.

Suzanne Gude is a seventeen year business veteran having spent six years in pharmaceutical sales turning poor performing territories into highly profitable ones. She has a nine year history in healthcare staffing serving on a team that grew a business from $8 million in revenue to $200 million. The daughter of Bob Gude, a champion in the causes of independent pharmacies, Suzanne has a unique understanding of the retail pharmacy industry. For the past two years, she has been an entrepreneur coaching small business owners from a variety of industries to higher levels of success. Suzanne holds a B.B.A. degree in Management from Texas A&M University.